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In the fiat currency markets – interest on capital is dead. The central banks killed risk-free returns with low-to-zero interest rate policies, and when inflation is factored in, most government bonds are expensive to hold.

Because the platform is hosted in Hyperscale, the amount of time that Smart Vaults’ trading AI/MLs need to access market data is almost zero. Smart Vaults uses a real-time data fetching engine that is able to interact with global exchanges via endpoint APIs.

They built it into the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, according to CoinGecko’s ranking. Binance was established in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, who goes by CZ, and fellow cofounder He Yi. Binance processed $2.3 trillion worth of bitcoin and other crypto assets in December alone, says market data researcher CryptoCompare.

In many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, the UK, bitcoin New Zealand, and Australia, KYC (i.e. Know Your Customer) laws and regulations were enacted to prevent banks and other financial institutions from being used by criminals for money laundering activities.

The 24-hour trading volume of this coin is about $23,062,527,652. The market cap value for this coin is currently estimated to be $192,669,399,241. The price value for ETH is currently in the $1,574.63 range.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has teamed up with Sarath Ratanavadi’s Gulf Energy Development to look into setting up a digital asset trading platform in the Southeast Asian country.

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Get all the answers to your questions about Binance tax reporting, transaction statements, trade exports, profit and loss calculations and more. As tax offices around the world - including the IRS, HMRC and the ATO - crack down on crypto, BNB you might be left with a lot of questions about your Binance taxes and reporting. One of the largest crypto exchanges worldwide - Binance helps millions of crypto investors buy, sell and trade crypto every day.

Incidentally, Fidelity CEO Mike Novogratz announced their plans to shift retail customers into crypto. The exchange will be centralized and facilitate trading through trusted intermediaries. EDXM will be backed by Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Citadel, Virtu Financial, Paradigm, and Sequoia. Many other firms are expected to partner with EDX Markets in the future.

The global crypto market has seen a trend of losses for a while. The latest data shows that it is estimated to be $990.66 billion. If the current situation persists, the market might go further to lows. The global market cap value has also seen a trend of decline. The recent changes in the market have brought losses to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. The continuing losses in the market might deteriorate the situation for investors.

Wherever you live, your tax office will want to know about all your transaction history on Binance, including your capital gains and losses, expenses and any income from your crypto investments. Don't worry - this is easy to find, we'll walk you through it. Need to prepare your Binance taxes but have no idea where to start? To do your Binance tax, you'll need your complete transaction history from Binance.

imageYou can see the full statement from Binance US on their site or btc below: Most investors know stopped operating in the US due to regulatory issues with the IRS and launched as a solution. Binance US complies with the IRS to share customer information based on the KYC identification data provided when you set up your Binance account. Previously, Binance used to send out a 1099-K form to US investors and the IRS, however they have now stated that they will no longer be doing this.

Binance won't provide you with an EOFY statement, but you can download a CSV file of your Binance trade history which work as a Binance end of year statement. Remember, you'll need to download multiple files for users, while users can easily download a complete statement of their Binance transaction history for the last financial year. Follow the CSV instructions above to generate this statement.

The company in October reached an agreement with Singapore’s telecom giant Singtel to develop a data center business in Thailand. Gulf Energy, one of Thailand’s biggest power producers, has been diversifying its portfolio with investments into renewable energy, motorway projects and telecommunications. It came months after Gulf Energy acquired more shares of Intouch Holdings, which owns Thailand’s largest mobile phone operator.

From the drop down menu, go to settings then basic info. Log in to your Binance US account and select your profile icon (top right corner!). Like above, if you're using a crypto tax app - it's really important you download your complete Binance transaction history, so you might need to download multiple transaction statements for each year you've been using Binance. Pick your year and hit generate. On the next page, scroll down to statements & history and select export statement. This is so your chosen crypto tax app can calculate cost basis accurately as well as your short and long-term capital gains. For those using - here's how to export trade history on Binance.

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